A warehouse marked off with police tape


JUNE 12, 2022 UPDATED 5:04 PM PT

Three people were killed and four others wounded in a shooting early Sunday at a warehouse party in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles police said.

Officers received a call about 12:30 a.m. from someone requesting help for a friend who had been shot in the 1400 block of South Lorena Street, said LAPD Officer Luis Garcia. When officers arrived, they discovered three males who had been shot, he said.

A fourth victim was later discovered.

In all, LAPD Det. Frank Carrillo said, three people were killed and four others were taken to a hospital. “Some are stable, some aren’t so stable,” he said.

Two of the victims’ bodies remained in the warehouse Sunday afternoon as detectives gathered evidence.

Carrillo said the weapons used in the shooting were semiautomatic. He also noted that an invite for the party had circulated on social media.


Local rapper MoneySign $uede performed at the party earlier in the evening, according to reports. The artist offered condolences in an Instagram post Sunday.

“I pray for all the people who were injured and died last night. My condolences and heart goes out to all the families of this hurt. Didn’t want none of that to happened. I was getting home already when I got the call … to those who still supporting me thru it all, I love you!”

City Councilman Kevin de León, whose district includes Boyle Heights, said Sunday’s shooting is “emblematic of the unrelenting gun violence nationally.”

“The urgency to pass serious gun control legislation and rid our streets of weapons of war is critically overdue,” he said.

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Carillo said he believed the shooting was the deadliest incident in Los Angeles this year involving guns. He said there was an exchange of gunfire, and detectives are still trying to determine who is a suspect and who is a victim in the shooting.

In January, four people were killed and one person was wounded after more than 40 rounds of ammunition were fired in an “ambush” shooting at a birthday house party in Inglewood.

Neighbors of the Boyle Heights warehouse said they heard the gunfire.

“The shots woke us up,” said Patty Calzada, who lives two doors down from the warehouse. She said she watched the commotion through her security camera.

Many of the young people fleeing the building after the shots were fired looked underage, she said. “They were yelling and screaming,” Calzada said.

Another resident said his wife woke him up after hearing two sets of gunshots: a burst of 10 shots, and then a minute later, a round of five shots. The man, who gave only his first name, Gilbert, said that his wife told him that the young people running down the street looked no older than 16 or 17.

Neighbors said there had been previous parties at the warehouse that had drawn the attention of police. In addition, a young girl was hit by a car outside the building a week ago, neighbors said.

Police tape stretched across several blocks around the warehouse on Sunday afternoon. Several young people, many looking distraught, arrived at the crime scene, hoping to find out information about what happened to their relatives.

Andre Preston said his brother, Brandon Castro, 18, was in the hospital after being shot.

Preston, who spoke to detectives Sunday outside the warehouse, said he knew little about his brother’s condition, despite spending nine hours at the hospital.

He said he had been told by relatives that his brother had gone to see a rapper perform.

“My little brother happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time,” said Preston, 22.

Staff writer Laura Newberry contributed to this report.


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